Our History

Victory and Praise Worship Center

was birthed from a vision planted within Pastor Ronnie Mitchem in the year 2000. God could undoubtedly see the burning desire within Pastor Mitchem’s heart for souls to be reached.

In the vision shown, Pastor Mitchem was instructed by God to start a church within the Houston area. Sunday, March 7, 2004 that vision became a reality.
Victory & Praise held their very first service in a conference room at Country Inn & Suite Hotel in Humble Texas. This would prove to be a very humbling experience. On March 7, 2004 at 10am,

Victory & Praise’s first service would begin with only the Pastor and his family. After a few minutes into the service, a middle aged man, known by Pastor Mitchem, walked in. At the end of the service, when the altar call was given, the visitor made his way down to the altar allowing Victory and Praise to claim their very first convert.

As Victory and Praise grew; the Lord led Pastor Mitchem into searching for a new location to hold church services. An old strip mall was chosen in Huffman, Texas and renovation for the new home of Victory & Praise began. It was an exciting time in those early first beginning days of Victory and Praise.

In the year 2005, God chose to bless Victory & Praise with 12 1\4 acres of land with an old garage and two mobile homes sitting on the property. Soon services were being held in the small, newly renovated garage. By the year 2007, the garage had filled to capacity and a new building was in the making.

Today, we are blessed with a new church building. The blessings and the hand of God can still be seen. Miracle after miracle has unfolded here at Victory & Praise Worship Center, as the Message of the Cross is preached and lives are changed for the glory of God.

Victory and Praise